【Information】SCIVAX just started collaboration with Toppan Printing in the field of large-area nanoimprint technology with the goal to revolutionize the industry.

SCIVAX Corp. and Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. have agreed to enter into a capital and business strategic alliance to accelerate practical production utilizing large-area nanoimprint technology. The two companies will integrate SCIVAX’s proprietary large-area nanoimprinting technologies with Toppan’s semi-conductor photomask lithography and master mold manufacturing technologies. Through this collaborative integration, the world’s first full scale nanoimprint mass production platform will be created in the near future. They have already received a large number of inquiries from leading companies worldwide in a wide range of technology fields including electronics, optics and biotechnologies. They will start nanoimprint prototyping services in 2017.

SCIVAX (http://www.scivax.com/cp-bin/en/) is currently providing its foundry services for over 50 companies worldwide. SCIVAX is the only company offering nanoimprint foundry services based on its unique technologies, across the following multiple segments:

  • -Optical simulations and designing (RAY TRACING, FDTD, RCWA, BPM, etc.) SCIVAX is offering its proprietary optical simulation system for designing of nanoimprint based products.
  • -Master mold designing and production (seamless mold up toφ12”)
  • -Thin film deposition (PVD, CVD)
  • -Nanoimprint (wafers from 2” up to 12”, large substrates up to G2.0)
  • -Etching (dry, wet)
  • -inspection (up to □300mm)
    G5.0 Panel (1,100mmX1,300mm) Patterning
  • – world’s Largesk Nanoimprint Patterned Substrate.

Glass substrate: Offered by Tokyo Electron、Ltd.

Resin composition for imprint: Made in Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.

Toppan (http://www.toppan.co.jp/english/) is the top producer of IC photomasks and silicon stencil masks. Toppan also owns large-scale glass substrate manufacturing technologies and supplies liquid crystal color filters to flat-panel manufactures. On the basis of its manufacturing technologies, Toppan will achieve a world’s first large-area nanoimprint foundry platform in collaboration with SCIVAX.

Toppan’s news release:

SCIVAX Corporation
Administration Division TEL:044-599-5051 / FAX:044-599-5052 / E-mail info_japan@scivax.com
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Public Relations Division TEL:03-3835-5636 / FAX:03-3837-7675 / E-mail kouhou@toppan.co.jp

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