Light Shaping Diffuser For 3D Sensing

Measured Intensity FOI 110°×85°(FWHM of lmax)

In recent years, 3D sensing technology has been rapidly developed for applications such as automated driving, virtual/augmented reality, surveying and security authentication.

The nano-imprinting process makes it possible to manufacture light diffusion elements for light sources of 3D sensors easily and at low cost.

Scivax core technology of nanoimprint process combined with the state of the art optical simulation, design and material science can satisfy both performances and cost requirement.
The standard FOV type Diffuser is ready for sampling.
The wider FOV type Diffuser for Automotive application will be available soon.

Measured Intensity FOI 110°×85°(FWHM of lmax)

Standard FOI

47 x 41

60 x 45

72 x 55

90 x 70

110 x 85

120 x 90

125 x 30

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