Experts in Nanoimprint Technology

A group of technical experts with a variety of technical backgrounds

In recent year, Nanoimprint is being recognized as the viable mass productionable technology.
However, it’s still requiring the know-how and development to realize.

Our talented technical staffs have extensive technological background in the relevant industrial fields such as Optical Design, Semi-conductor Design & Process, Materials, Mold Design, Tool Functional Design & Making.

Those experts get together in the same office to propose the best in class custom solution in a timely fashion.

The new SERS Chip (Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Chip) was one of the successful outcomes of our product development framework.

The team consisted of four different fields.

Optical simulation Engineer
Nanoimprinting & Photolithography Engineer
Process Development Engineer
Bio Science Engineer
In terms of the results with the structural effect on the Raman scattering through the Simulation study, the engineers discussed to optimize the structure to come up with the processes prototyping.

As a result, more precise control of the gap between the metal trenches within less than 10nm with Nanoimprinting, successfully achieved the superior reproducibility than most of the other available chips in the market.

Currently we are prompting this sample to the market and getting the positive feedback.

This type of collaborative framework is our strength to drive the fast Time-to-Market of customer project.