Standard Mold Sample Sales

At the initial stage of nanoimprinting, the cost of expensive molds is a bottleneck, and there are many cases where projects are abandoned. We offer low-cost custom molds that meet the customer’s specifications in order to speed up the initial evaluation.


Also, we can provide large pattern molds (4″ to 12″) which are inquired by many customers. In addition to the off-the-shelf products listed below, we also offer custom production services. 


Please feel free to contact us for details.

Silicon Mold

We can handle a wide range of patterning needs, from ultra-fine patterning using the most advanced semiconductor technology to micron-order patterns such as Micro Lens Arrays made by machining.

High Aspect Ratio Pillar Mold (MLP230/500)
Available Size: φ4″~φ12″

Mold for High Luminance (MLP230/MLH230)
Available Size: φ4″~φ12″

Mold for High Luminance (MLP230/MLH230)
Cross section

List of Standard Mold

L & S

Commodity CodeDimension of Structure (Spec)Effective Area Stamp DimensionMaterialArray
MRLS50/130/100-10×10 Width:50nm, Height:130nm, Pitch:100nm□10mm□10mmSilicon(Si)
MRLS50/130/100-30×30 Width:50nm, Height:130nm, Pitch:100nm□30mm□30mmSilicon(Si)
MRLS50/130/100-100×100 Width:50nm, Height:130nm, Pitch:100nm□100mm□100mmSilicon(Si)
MTPL50/130/100-300 Width:50nm, Height:130nm, Pitch:100nmφ280㎜φ300㎜Silicon(Si)
MRLS70/150/140-10×10Width:70nm, Height:150nm, Pitch:140nm□10mm□10mmSilicon(Si)
MRLS70/150/140-300 Width:70nm, Height:150nm, Pitch:140nmφ280㎜φ300㎜Silicon(Si)
MTLS1/1/2-30×30Width:1μm, Height:1μm, Pitch:2μm□30mm□30mmSilicon(Si)


Commodity CodeDimension of Structure Effective AreaStamp Dimension MaterialArray
MLH230/200/460-30x30φ230nm, Depth:200nm, Pitch:460nm□30mm□30mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MLH230/200/460-50x50φ230nm, Depth:200nm, Pitch:460nm□50mm□50mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MLH230/200/460-φ120φ230nm, Depth:200nm, Pitch:460nmφ120mmφ120mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MTH500/500/1000-30x30φ500nm, Depth:500nm, Pitch:1000nm□30mm□30mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MTH500/500/1000-50x50φ500nm, Depth:500nm, Pitch:1000nm□50mm□50mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal


Commodity Code Dimension of Structure Effective Area Stamp Dimension MaterialArray
MLP230/500/460-30x30φ230nm, Height:500nm, Pitch:460nm□30mm□30mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MLP230/500/460-φ120φ230nm, Height:500nm, Pitch:460nmφ120mmφ120mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MLP230/200/460-30x30φ230nm, Height:200nm, Pitch:460nm □30mm□30mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
MLP230/200/460-φ120φ230nm, Height:200nm, Pitch:460nm φ120mmφ120mmSilicon(Si)Hexagonal
NAP230/240-100φ230nm, Height:240nm, Pitch:460nm□100mm□100mmNickel(Ni)Hexagonal

Custom Molded Examples

We can provide various custom molds for evaluation and mass production according to the customer’s request. Our company manufactures molds using seven different processing processes according to the pattern size.

Compound Custom Mold

It is possible to form more than one pattern on one mold according to your request.

Mold Material: Ni
Pattern: Pillar (picture in the right), L&S (picture in the left)
L&S: Width 250nm, Height 250nm, Pitch 500nm
Pillar: φ250nm, Height 250nm, Pitch 500nm

Low Cost NIL Mold

We can fabricate a mold according to your specification (Material: Si, Ni).

​​Pattern: L&S, Pillar, Hole, etc.
Pattern Size: 150nm~
Pattern Area: □10mm~□30mm
Material: Si, Ni

Line & Space
Hole Pattern and Pillar Pattern

Large-Area Custom Mold

We offer Ni electroforming mold duplication services.

Ni電鋳モールド (200nmピラー、高さ500nm)

Ni Electroformed Mold
(200nm Pillar, Height 500nm)

8″ Ni Electroformed Mold
(Replica Mold from φ200nm Pillar)

Ni electroformed replica mold can be fabricated from silicon mold.

Silicon mold (200nm Pillar, Height 500nm)
Silicon mold (Honeycomb, One side: 1μm, Wall-thickness 240nm)
シリコンモールド(ハニカム 一辺1μm、壁厚240nm)