Molded Sample Sales

We sell molding samples for the purpose of providing customers with an initial study of nanoimprinting technology.

Nanoimprint Molding Examples

Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS)

Please inquire for the details.

■Pattern Size: Submicron~a few μm
■Substrate Size: φ2″, φ4″, φ6″

Resin Film

Pillar Pattern

Hole Pattern

L&S Four Types
Mixed Pattern

Glass Substrate

We can provide a processed sample onto glass substrate.

  • Substrate material: Non‐alkali Glass
  • Size: 50mm x 50mm x 0.7mm
  • Pattern: Moth-Eye
  • Resist material: UV curable resin
  • Other conditions: start from two pieces or more.

List of Nanoimprint Molding Examples

  • Material: Optical Film (Thickness: 100μm~188μm)
  • Other conditions: We can accept an order in two pieces or more.
Product CodePattern TypeStamp DimensionEffective AreaProduct Size
FALS1000/1000/2000-30×30 L&SWidth:1μm,Height:1μm,Pitch:2μm□30mm□40mm
FCLS/200-4×4L&SWidth:75nm,100nm,150nm,200nm,Height:200nm,Pitch:150nm,200 nm,300nm,400nm□4mm x 4□40mm
FLH230/500-120Holeφ230nm,Depth:500nm,Pitch:460nm,Hexagonalφ120mm □130mm
FLH230/200-120Holeφ230nm,Depth:200nm,Pitch:460nm,Hexagonalφ120mm □130mm
FMES250/300-100×100Moth-EyeMoth-Eye One Side Molding□100mm□120mm
FRA50/25-10×10Lens Arraysφ50μm,Height:25μm,Pitch:100μm (Hemisphere)□10mm□70mm