What is Nanoimprinting?

Nanoimprinting is one of the microfabrication methods

The outline of the process is that the pattern of the micro structure on a mold is transferred to the thin coated resin film on various substrates (Si, glass, organic, various compound semiconductors, etc.) by mechanical pressure. It’s so-called “Stamping” method.

The patterned substrate being made through photo lithography processed in semiconductor industry is applicable as a mold.

Nanoimprinting can provide nano scale structure which is equivalent level to the semiconductor lithography by simple stamping process. Therefore, it’s considered as a cost-effective mass production process.

Even for the fabrication of micron to sub-millimeter level optical lenses used for various next-generation IoT sensors, nanoimprinting technology can significantly contribute to reduce the production cost.

Application wise, the increasing demand of optical sensors for mobile phones, robotics, automotive, and biochip are the key areas, and expecting more adoption in other emerging industry like 5G communication system.

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