Inspection & Measurement

Inspection of all Types of Nano-patterns

Macro inspection of nano-patterns produced by NIL in volume production is very important.SCIVAX utilizes leading edge metrology systems like the high-speed wafer inspection system “Inspectra” Toray to support customers from pilot to volume production. 

Metrology System Lineup

Wafer Inspection system: INSPECTRA

Primary Application: Automatic macro analysis of wafer or film surface

Primary Features & Options
Magnification2X or 5X
Minimum Detectable Defect: 2μm
Substrate Size:Max 300mm square
Throughput (6" wafers):about 50 wph

Inspection Examples

Details of Large Area Pattern Inspection System

Primary Applications:●Features・・・using telocentric optics, micron order level pattern non-uniformity, micro-scratches, particles, resin non-uniformity can all be confirmed with high-speed
Primary Features:Measurement area・・・~300mm□

Large Area Nano-pattern Inspection System: OptoScan 700

Macro inspection of NIL molds and replica films is also possible. NIL molds and replica films are viewed in the macro visual field and any pattern defects or mold removal non-uniformity can be detected quickly.

●Mold Evaluation and Analysis
●Various Pattern Geometries and Mold Materials (Ni, Fused Silica, resin, etc.)
●Monitoring of Release Agent Degradation and Film Delamination
●Evaluation and Analysis of Transferred Pattern Uniformity
●SCIVAX uses proprietary technology to achieve high speed and high sensitivity product imaging

Scanning Electron Microscope

Primary Applications: Inspection of nanometer level patterns
Primary Features/Resolution: 1.3nm (imaging voltage 1kV)
Imaging Voltage Range: 0.1 to 30 kV
Magnification:up to 2,000,000X

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

System Name:Dimension Icon
Primary Applications & Features:Can handle large area samples with its scanning probe microscopy function.
Primary Functions:The system can measure pattern dimensions and step heights with atomic level resolution.

Film Reflectivity/Thickness Measurement Equipment

System Type:NIR Microspectroscope
Primary Applications:Features・・・Optically measures the reflectivity and thickness of film/patterns
Primary Features:Measurement wavelength・・・380nm~1050nm
Measurement Repeatability (Reflectivity)・・・<= ±0.02%(when using 10X, 20X objective lens; 430~1,010nm)
Measurement Repeatability (Film Thickness)・・・±1%

3D Measurement System

System Type:Laser Microscope
Main Applications:Features・・・Can perform 3D measurement of patterns and resist geometry and height
Features: Imaging Resolution = 0.2μm
Height Resolution: 0.01μm

Wafer Crystallographic Defect Inspection

Example of Mirror Finish Epiwafer Inspection

Microcontamination PLS Wafer Surface Inspection

Other Inspection Technologies



・Confocal Microscopy

・CNC 3D Measurement

・Film Thickness Measurement

・Reflectivity Measurement