Inspection & Measurement

Inspection of All Types of Nano-patterns

Visual inspection is a very important elemental technology for the mass production of nanoimprint-based microfabrication.

We support our customers from prototyping to mass production based on a variety of inspection technologies, including a cutting-edge high-speed visual inspection system (INSPECTRA).

Metrology System Lineup

Wafer Inspection system: INSPECTRA

Primary Application: Automatic macro analysis of wafer or film surface

Primary Features & Options
Magnification2X or 5X
Minimum Detectable Defect: 2μm
Substrate Size:Max 300mm square
Throughput (6" wafers):about 50 wph

Inspection Examples

Details of Large Area Pattern Inspection System

Primary Applications:●Features・・・using telocentric optics, micron order level pattern non-uniformity, micro-scratches, particles, resin non-uniformity can all be confirmed with high-speed
Primary Features:Measurement area・・・~300mm□

Large Area Nano-pattern Inspection System: OptoScan 700

The macro optical system can be used to evaluate molds and transfer films. It is possible to evaluate and inspect pattern defects and non-uniformity of the release agent coating in a short time by capturing the image of the pattern on the nanoimprint mold or transfer film in a macro view.

●Mold Evaluation and Analysis
●Various Pattern Geometries and Mold Materials (Ni, Fused Silica, resin, etc.)
●Monitoring of Release Agent Degradation and Film Delamination
●Evaluation and Analysis of Transferred Pattern Uniformity
●SCIVAX uses proprietary technology to achieve high speed and high sensitivity product imaging

Scanning Electron Microscope

Primary Applications: Inspection of nanometer level patterns
Primary Features/Resolution: 1.3nm (imaging voltage 1kV)
Imaging Voltage Range: 0.1 to 30 kV
Magnification:up to 2,000,000X

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

System Name:Dimension Icon
Primary Applications & Features:Can handle large area samples with its scanning probe microscopy function.
Primary Functions:The system can measure pattern dimensions and step heights with atomic level resolution.

Film Reflectivity/Thickness Measurement Equipment

System Type:NIR Microspectroscope
Primary Applications:Features・・・Optically measures the reflectivity and thickness of film/patterns
Primary Features:Measurement wavelength・・・380nm~1050nm
Measurement Repeatability (Reflectivity)・・・<= ±0.02%(when using 10X, 20X objective lens; 430~1,010nm)
Measurement Repeatability (Film Thickness)・・・±1%

3D Measurement System

System Type:Laser Microscope
Main Applications:Features・・・Can perform 3D measurement of patterns and resist geometry and height
Features: Imaging Resolution = 0.2μm
Height Resolution: 0.01μm

Wafer Crystallographic Defect Inspection

Example of Mirror Finish Epiwafer Inspection

Microcontamination PLS Wafer Surface Inspection

Other Inspection Technologies



・Confocal Microscopy

・CNC 3D Measurement

・Film Thickness Measurement

・Reflectivity Measurement