Nanoimprint equipment

SCIVAX manufactures and sells various nanoimprinting equipment. From low-cost models that are optimal as nanoimprint introduction machines, models that can handle R & D to pilot production, and nanopattern inspection equipment.

・High molding reproducibility essential for mass production
・Batch transfer is possible from small to large areas
・Dual use of Heat way and UV system
・Multi-function including Automatic release mechanism,Vacuum operation,Atmosphere control, High temperature imprint, etc.
・Operability (simple and functional design considering human movement)
・Clean room compatible (sealing the driving part)

Molded Sample Sales

Inorganic Wire Grid Polarizer(IWGP) features the array of inorganic wires on the transparent substrate. IWGP is ideal for the applications which require the higher environmental durability such as LCD Projector, Automotive HUD, Smart Mirror. Besides three types of the standard sample, please consult with us for the customization (Hi-Contrast, Hi-Transmittance, Wider Incident Angle, UV type, Waveplate etc.).

Standard mold sales

We offer Si substrate molds manufactured using the most advanced semiconductor processes at a low price.
Available in mold size from □10mm.
Please utilize own product for solving the high-cost problem of the mold,for easy introduction of your nanoimprint technology.

Wire Grid Polarizer Standard sample

・Excellent heat resistance compared to organic
・It is particularly advantageous for the applications requiring environmental durability.

Gyockt™ Optics

This lens design technology provides short focus, high efficiency, free light distribution control, LED light source with new structure, etc. that is known difficult to achieve.