Nanoimprint equipment

SCIVAX manufactures and sells a wide range of nano-imprinting machines, from low-cost models that are ideal for introducing nano-imprinting to models that can handle everything from R&D to pilot production and nano-pattern inspection equipment.

・High molding reproducibility, essential for mass production
・Batch transfer is possible from small to large areas
・Dual use of Heat way and UV system
・Multifunctional (“Vacuum treatments”, “Atmosphere control”, “High temperature imprint”, etc.)
・Ease of operation (simple, functional design that takes into account human movement)
・Clean room compatible (sealed drive unit)

Molded Sample Sales

SCIVAX is available to sell nanoimprinted samples in a variety of materials, such as sapphire-substrate (PSS), plastic film and glass substrates.

Please take advantage of these samples for your initial investigation of nanoimprinting technology.

Standard mold sales

We offer low-cost Si substrate molds fabricated with the most advanced semiconductor processes.

Mold sizes are available from □10mm.

We can help you to solve the problem of high mold cost, which is a bottleneck in the initial study of nanoimprinting

Wire Grid Polarizer Standard sample

An inorganic polarizer is a structure with a nanoscale, parallel-aligned wall structure made entirely of inorganic materials. 

Inorganic polarizers are used in applications that require heat and light resistance, such as LCD projectors, automotive HUDs and smart mirror displays.

In addition to standard samples, we can also propose and create high-performance custom products (high contrast, high transmission, wide viewing angle, for UV light, phase shift adjustment, etc.).

Gyockt™ Optics

This lens design technology provides short focus, high efficiency, free light distribution control, LED light source with new structure, etc. that is known difficult to achieve.