Privacy Policy

SCIVAX Corporation (hereinafter SCIVAX) work on thorough business ethics and legal compliance.
All personal information that SCIVAX happen to receive in course of interacting with visitors is treated as the visitors’ valuable property,
and SCIVAX recognize that it is a serious social duty to protect personal information.
Therefore, SCIVAX establish a privacy policy as follows.

1. Observance of laws and ordinances

SCIVAX observe laws and ordinances concerning personal information.

2. Utilization purpose of personal information

SCIVAX limit the utilization purpose of personal information as shown below. All your inputs via our form, email, and smartphone are included in personal information.

・ Communication, business talk, or meeting , which is related to business

・ Ordering, settlement, or other processing

・ Giving and receiving of products, goods, or services, which is related to business

・ Registration to various membership system services that we run

・ Online information distribution such as email magazines

・ Guidance of an exhibition and/or a seminar

・ Request of the questionnaire

3. Management of personal information

SCIVAX select the person in charge of personal information protection, make the role clear, and maintain necessary environment.

4. Provision of personal information

Except the following cases, SCIVAX do not provide personal information to any third party.

・ When the agreement of the visitor is provided

・ When it is required and obliged by laws

・ When SCIVAX consign the duties to the reliable subcontractor, SCIVAX obey “deposition of personal information” described in the next clause.

5. Deposition of personal information

On account of the administration, SCIVAX are outsourcing a part of the duties in order to offer better service to the visitor.

For the reliable subcontractor, SCIVAX may deposit personal information.

When SCIVAX consign the duties to the subcontractor, we choose candidate that deals with personal information appropriately.
And also, SCIVAX oblige the subcontractor to appropriately manage personal information and to hold the confidentiality.
Finally, SCIVAX decide a required matter to prevent a leak of personal information and carry out the appropriate management thoroughly.

6. Disclosure and update of personal information

SCIVAX fulfill the following promises about personal information.
When there is a proposal of disclosure, correction, or deletion from the principal of the visitor, such disclosure, correction, or deletion will be performed under the rational range and conditions.
However, when it might injure the life, body, property or others profits of other visitors, or when we judge it to affect our duties accomplishment remarkably, a proposal from the visitor will not be performed.
In addition, we give an appropriate response based on the laws and ordinances concerned.

7. Continuous review and improvement

To manage the personal information appropriately, SCIVAX watch laws and ordinances and a change of the information technology, and always review structure of the management and push forward improvement continuously.

Contact details: About personal information such as disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information

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