Polarizer Plates

Wire Grid Polarizer Plates

Polarizers are optical elements allow light polarized in only one selected direction to pass through, with other polarization angles being blocked.

Polarizers are used widely in LCD TVs, projectors and many other optical devices.

In general, organic materials are used, but using SCIVAX’s proprietary technology, large-area, high aspect ratio polarizers can be fabricated.

Polarizer Plate Function, Patterning by NIL, Resin, Metal, Glass, Etching (Selectivity 1:5 or better)

SCIVAX NIL has been used to fabricate wire grid polarizers with maximum aspect ratio of >5.

Application Example

All Types of Displays

LCD Displays
Head Mounted Displays (HMD)
Heads Up Displays (HUD)

・Polarization Beam Splitters (PBS)

・Polarizing Filters for Photography

Standard Samples