Production Foundry Services

Production Foundry

What is a production foundry?
We provide the highest quality nano-imprinting services with our highly clean and controlled state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Volume Production Foundry

We have designed our cleanroom to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness using the best known methods at both in terms of structure and operation.


SCIVAX Production Factory

FFU (all with HEPA filtration)

Grated floor

Particle Retention Minimization by Vertical Unidirectional Flow Method (FFU with ceiling HEPA filters and grated floor)

Anti-particule measures

– Prevention of airborne particles from entering the CR by room differential pressure control

– Minimizing human-induced particles by wearing innerwear and clean suits when entering the room.

– Vertical unidirectional flow system + grating floor system to minimize particle retention

– Maximizing the ventilation frequency to maintain high cleanliness

Cleanroom Specifications​

Air Flow Rate0.4m/sec
Cleanroom Air Replacement Rate247times/hour
Filtration Efficiency99.9995%
Temperature Control23.5±1
Humidity ControlRH40±10%
Airborne Particulate
ISO Standard 14644(JIS Standards)ISO5
USA Standard 209ECorresponds to class 100

Pilot Production Site

Our Shinkawasaki R&D Center handles everything from optical simulation to mass production.

It is easy to access to, and we have a meeting space where you can meet with us at any time. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Offered ServicesNanoimprint Lithography, Optical Simulation, Etching and Other Foundry Services
Available Substrates MediaSilicon, compound semiconductor, resin films and substrates, metals and most types of substrates
SizeTens of cm□~500mm□
Imprint Curing Method Thermal / UV
Location7-7 Shin-Kawasaki, Saiwai-Ku, Kanagawa, Japan 212-0032

Global Nano Micro Technology Business Incubation Center (NANOBIC)

Cleanroom View