DFB Laser

What is a DFB Laser?

There are three primary types of optical semiconductor resonant cavity devices, Fabry-Perot (FP), Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) and Distributed Feedback (DFB).

In DFB-LD devices a grating is fabricated in above or below the active layers (laser gain region) of the DFB devices, and has the same length as the active region.

A main difference between DBR and DFB LDs is that in DBRs, the grating is outside of the area of the active laser gain region.

Distributed Feedback Laser Diode Structure

Patterning Example

Substrate: 3″ InP wafer
Pattern: L&S P200nm, W100nm, H200nm


  • SCIVAX NIL technology can pattern even substrates with some degree of warpage, such as those used for compound semiconductor processes (InP, GaAs, GaN & sapphire, etc.)
  • Substrates like InP and GaAs can be brittle and subject to breakage from too much mechanical stress. SCIVAX NIL technology can pattern even these wafers without inducing too large stress onto wafers.
  • Complex patterning (e.g. for phase shifted or sampled gratings, etc.)


・DWDM for long-haul and metro markets

・CWDM for access networks

・Data center network, etc.