Feature of SCIVAXʼ s
Nanoimprint Technology

Feature of SCIVAX's Nanoimprint Technology

"Nanoimprint onto large area" open up the future of super nanofabrication technology

With our originally developed Large Area Nanoimprint Technology, the cost for processing can be drastically reduced, so it is sp reading to various applications now.
“For large area glass: single-shot fabrication on G5 (1,100mmX1,300mm)” and “For wafer fabrication: high throughput at most φ8 inches” can be done.

Nanoimprint Foundry Service
(Volume Production Service)

Only with Nanoimprint Technology, a volume production can’t be realized. We make an effort for the fusion technology which is required for practical application, then we have constructed our original Foundry Platform for nanoscale patterning. Using our Foundry Service, you can drastically shorten your development time for new products.

SCIVAX's Nanoimprint

  • Single-shot fabrication on large area
    Single-shot fabrication at most G5 (1,100mmX1,300mm) substrate
  • Multi-Nanoimprint
    Single-shot fabrication for multiple substrates
  • Nanoimprint for substrates
    with some warpage or non-flatness

    Single-shot fabrication for substrates that flatness is not guar anteed
  • Nanoimprint onto inorganic substrates
    Fabrication onto other materials (Such as SiO2)
  • Nanoimprint onto curved surfaces
    Fabrication onto curved surfaces,
    which include lens surface (concave or convex)

Alignment Technology

The global alignment accuracy across wafer (φ8” ) is ±3μm.

Pattern transfer with
high accuracy

For L&S with 100nm pitch, we can fabricate a pattern with precision less than 0.1nm.

Some examples of our processing technology​

Patterning onto sapphire substrates or compound semiconductors

Uniform patterning onto substrates with some warpage or non-flatness can be done.

Patterning onto lens curved surfaces​

Molding onto lens surfaces (concave, convex, and both) can be done.

Patterning onto resin​

We have many patterning experiences onto resin film/substrate.

Patterning onto large-area
glass substrates​

Uniform patterning at most G5 (1,100mmX1,300mm) substrate
can be done.