Greetings from the CEO

Greetings from the CEO

Make 'Scientific Value' become 'Society Value'

It is SCIVAX’s mission to convert “Value from Science” into “Value for Society” and realize benefits for human beings in their daily lives.

We took a careful look at organizational issues that can stifle technological breakthroughs at many traditional companies and have structured a new style company as a platform for innovation.

SCIVAX believes that “super nano fabrication technology (including Nanoimprint)” is a next-generation key technology to support industry in the future. So, we have been performed various development for the practical use in each field. We have started Nanoimprint volume production in 2015, and has been offering this service to many customers.

Full capability, “Nanoimprint Patterning” encompasses not only the NIL process itself, but also optical simulation of patterns and etching or other process steps. SCIVAX offers fully integrated solutions to enable product development and efficient nanoscale device production.

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