Nanoimprint Technology


What is Nanoimprint Technology?

SCIVAX can, of course, process silicon wafers, but also wide variety of other substrates including compound semiconductor wafers. Large area glass substrates can also be imprinted in our foundry with SCIVAX’s unique single-shot NIL technology.

Features of SCIVAX Nanoimprint Technology​

Large Area Nanoimprint Technology​

SCIVAX technology has been used in concert with other technologies to allow the first ever large area substrate single-shot nanoimprint pattern transfer.

① Uniform molding technology
② Compliant molding technology for substrates with some warpage or non-flatness
③ Residual Layer Control Technology
④ Auto Mold Release Technology
⑤ Bubble Defect Reduction Technology
⑥ Particle Defect Reduction Technology
⑦ Alignment Technology

G5 (1,100mmX1,300mm) Glass Panel NIL Achieved!

Available Substrates​

Batch nanoimprinting is possible for various substrates ranging from silicon substrates, compound semiconductor substrates to large glass substrates.

Residual film controlled to less than 10 nm

  • Wafer(φ2″~φ12″)
  • Glass (Max Size G5 = 1,100mmX1,300mm)
  • Glass Lens
  • Metal Substrates
  • All types of resin films, sheets, substrates

Total Process Coordination

SCIVAX has established a team of specialists with expertise in each critical technical area to deliver a total nano-foundry process capability from selection of ideal resins, to the NIL process and pre/post processing.

From pilot production to full volume manufacturing

SCIVAX offers its standard molds and molded products for sale, which can be used for R&D or basic evaluations of standard nano-patterns.

① Pilot Production with a Test Pattern

We make prototypes using test molds (ready-made molds are used). We carry out basic evaluation including principle verification.

② Pattern Optimization

Once a good result is achieved in pilot production, patterns can be optimized. We encourage customers to take advantage of SCIVAX’s optical simulation, mold fabrication know-how, and foundry services.

③ Fabricate Optimized Pattern Mold

Product prototypes are manufactured using pattern-optimized molds.

④ Production Process Development

We develop processes to achieve mass production.

  • Fabrication of mold for production
  • Customization of production systems
  • Quality Management Standards
⑤ Production Foundry Services

Foundry production is conducted in a high-level, well managed state-of-art facility.

Processing Examples

Substrates of various sizes and materials can be processed
◯Pattern Size: 20nm~a few hundred μm
◯Substrate: All kinds of wafers (silicon, sapphire, compound semiconductor, other), Glass Substrates, Glass Lenses, Metal Substrates, Resin Films/Sheets

Processing of Anti-reflection Nanostructures (“Moth-Eye”) onto Films

Processing of Anti-reflection onto Lens Surfaces

Processing of 12″ Silicon Wafers

Nano-patterning of Resin Films (COP)

Nano-patterning of Glass Substrates

Nano-patterned 6″ Sapphire Wafer

Light diffraction with diffractive optical elements (DOE)

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

Ultra-Hydrophobic Treatment

NIL samples​

SCIVAX has nanoimprinted resin film samples available for sale. The details can be found at the link below:

Standard Mold​

SCIVAX has standard NIL molds available for sale. The details can be found at the link below:


SubstrateMaximum Size for Molding
Compound Semiconductor
Thin Metal Film/Foil
Resin SubstratePlease contact us.
Glass SubstrateG5(1,300mm×1,100mm)
Glass Lensφ50mm、φ25mm


ClassRaw Materials.
UV Cure ResinEpoxy Type Resin, Acrylic Resin, Urethane Resin
Thermoplastic ResinGeneral Plastic, Engineering Plastics, Super Engineering Plastics
Thermal Cure Resin
OthersVarious Inorganic Materials