Etching & Cleaning

Etching & Cleaning

Do you have trouble with etching with nano-imprint resists? We can help you solve various dry-etching issues related to nano-imprinted resists.

Etched Films

We can handle substrate size,  types of film to be etched, and various pattern sizes.

We can provide a full range of services from resist mask formation by nanoimprinting to etching optimization.

■Films that can be etched●Silicon ●SiOx ●Glass ●sapphire ●All types of metal layers ●All types of compound semiconductor layers
■Etching Geometries●Hole ●Pillar ●Line&Space ●Cones ●Other
Pattern Size●20nm~several tens of μm
■Equipment●ICP & RIE Etchers

Etching Method

Residual Layer Etching

The etching rate control solves the problem of residual film etching.

Thin resist

The problem of resist shortage is solved by controlling the etching selection ratio.

Etch Profile Control

Various shapes can be controlled.

Taper Etching

Etching Examples

Fused Silica Etching

Sapphire Etching

Etching Foundry Service Flow

SCIVAX is able to provide consulting services regarding etching processes. Please feel free to inquire.

Limited to etching of NIL processed substrates.





Confirmation of Specification

Technical Consulting

Job Quotation

Sample Production

① Confirmation of Specification

We will ask about the substrate and film type, as well as the shape, dimensions and accuracy to be used.

② Technical Consulting

We offer technical consulting regarding equipment, gases and process conditions.

③ Job Quotation

Step-by-step recommendations can be made to fit your budget.

④ Sample Production

We deliver high quality samples based on our extensive experience and high technology.