Etching & Cleaning

Etching & Cleaning

Is there any issue with etching using NIL resist? SCIVAX has addresses the issue of dry etching using NIL resist.

Etched Films

SCIVAX can perform etching on various substrate sizes, films and pattern geometries.
SCIVAX offers full etched film process development starting with the NIL patterned resist through optimizing of the etching process.

■Films that can be etched●Silicon ●SiOx ●Glass ●sapphire ●All types of metal layers ●All types of compound semiconductor layers
■Etching Geometries●Hole ●Pillar ●Line&Space ●Cones ●Other
Pattern Size●20nm~several tens of μm
■Equipment●ICP & RIE Etchers

Etching Method

Residual Layer Etching

Any issues regarding residual layers have been address by good understanding of how to control removal rates and process optimization.

Thin resist

SCIVAX can offer a solution even in the case where resist layers are too thin (i.e. with respect to the thickness of the target film and etch selectivity.

Etch Profile Control

Etching wall angle can be controlled.

Taper Etching

Etching Examples

Fused Silica Etching

Sapphire Etching

Etching Foundry Service Flow

SCIVAX is able to provide consulting services regarding etching processes. Please feel free to inquire.

Limited to etching of NIL processed substrates.