Equipment for Manufacturing a Wide Array of Devices

Equipments to support Nanoimprinting Development and Foundry

We are equipped with various facilities (etching, inspection, etc.) for the mass production of various devices, mainly on the automation line for nanoimprinting. Development can be supported at Labo in Kawasaki, and mass production can be supported at NSI in Toyama.

Equipment overview:

  • Coating : Spin Coater (~φ12”) x 3、Slit Coater (~G2)、Ink Jet Coater、Dispenser
  • Nanoimprinting : Manual and Auto Nanoimprinting tool (φ2” ~G5) x 8
  • Dry Etching : Dry Etcher x 2
  • Inspection/Measurement tool : AOI (Inspectra, OptoScan) x 2, FE-SEM, AFM, Laser Microscope etc.

By making full use of these facilities, we are able to mass-produce a variety of devices.

For example, we have installed an automated nano-imprinting line for φ8″ and φ12″ wafers at our Toyama factory. This line is used for mass production of bio and optical elements.

In addition, in collaboration with our partner Shin-Etsu Engineering, we have established a G5.0 nanoimprint demonstration line at their Isobe factory. This line is capable of handling large-area nanoimprinting prototypes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about mass production using nanoimprinting technology.