Equipment for Manufacturing a Wide Array of Devices

Equipments to support Nanoimprinting Development and Foundry

Automated Nanoimprinting tool, Coater, Dry Etcher, AOI, other measurement and inspection equipment are ready to support your needs of production. Development can be supported at Labo in Kawasaki, and Foundry can be supported at NSI in Toyama.

Outline of Equipment

  • Coating : Spin Coater (~φ12”) x 3、Slit Coater(~G2)、Ink Jet Coater、Dispenser
  • Nanoimprinting : Manual and Auto Nanoimprinting tool (φ2” ~G5) x 8
  • Dry Etching : Dry Etcher x 2
  • Inspection/Measurement tool : AOI(Inspectra, OptoScan) x 2, FE-SEM, AFM, Laser Microscope etc.

Our Nanoimprinting technical specialists own our know-how to tweek both process and materials to make the impossible into possible.

Specifically for the Foundry Service, the automated nanoimprinting process line is operational with φ8” and 12” at NSI factory. We are currently supporting the production for Bio Chip(NGS chip) and Optical Components.

Large area(G5.0) Nanoimprinting demonstration line welcomes the process evaluation for the people who is considering to purchase the large area equipment. G5.0 Nanoimprinting tool is available at the clean room facility of ShinEtsu Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Contact us with any inquiry about Nanoimprinting.