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What is Nanoimprint?

Nanoimprint is a technology that utilizes fine mold patterns to be transferred onto substrates which are made of various materials. The processing is carried out by using thermoplasticity, or an UV curable resin. Compare with a conventional method (lithography), Nanoimprint processing is accomplished in low cost and a short time. And also, it is applicable on large area.

What kind of applications can be supported?

Nanoimprint can be applied to various fields. For example, LED, an optical component, a flat panel display, an organic EL, a solar battery, optical communication, electronic paper, biotechnology, etc.

Is there the sample of Nanoimprint for sale?

Yes, we are selling molding samples.

What kind of molding samples are available?

Many pattern samples are available. For example, Pillar, Hole, L&S (Line and Space), MLA (Micro Lens Arrays), Moth-Eye, Honeycomb, Square, etc.

What kind of mold materials can be used?

Silicon, Ni, Resin, Silica Glass, etc.

What kind of method is used for mold manufacturing?

Depending on a pattern shape and size, photolithography, machining, and other method can be used.

How much AR (aspect ratio) can be molded?

Generally, it is possible up to AR2. For over AR2, please contact us about production and trial manufacturing of the mold.

Can I do a trial manufacturing with my supplies (a substrate, or a lens, etc.)?

Yes, but we need to confirm the substrate, the resin, and the mold before starting a trial manufacturing.

What is the light source for UV method?

UV-LED (365nm) is used.

What does the SCIVAX Company do?

SCIVAX is a maker of Nanoimprint, and we are good at nano-patterning process. From R&D to a volume production, we completely support your production process with our services.

What is the difference with the other Nanoimprint companies?

We can do Nanoimprint molding for large-area. We can do Nanoimprint on curved surfaces. We can do Nanoimprint with high accuracy.

What is “Nanoimprint Foundry” services?

It is a service which is provided in the Nanoimprint industry for the first time. Outsourcing for whole process (optical simulation, mold production, nanoimprint process etching process, inspection, and a volume production) is available.

What kind of optical simulations can be performed?

We can perform analysis using various methods (FDTD, RCWA, BPM, Ray Tracing, etc.). And also, using the technique that we developed originally, a conventionally impossible simulation can be performed.

What kind of etching processes are provided?

We can offer etching process for various membrane materials (Si, SiO2, Glass, Sapphire, Various Metal Films, and Various Compound Semiconductors).