Extensive Experience with Over 1000 Contracted Projects

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We were one of the first companies to begin offering nanoimprinting prototyping services in 2005.
We have provided services in various fields including biotechnology, automotive, optics, semiconductors, and communications, and the number of orders received exceeded 1,000 in 2018.
The various know-how cultivated through these practical prototypes supports SCIVAX’s nanoimprinting technology.


The following are some of the cases we have commissioned so far:

  • DOE, Diffuser for 3D sensor
  • Well structure for DNA sequencer chip
  • Combiner for Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Wire Grid Polarizer and Waver Plate for Projector & HUD
  • Aspherical Lens structure on CMOS Device Wafer for Image Sensor
  • Diffractive Grating on Compound Semiconductor Substrate for DFB Laser
  • Anti- Reflective Moth-eye structure on Lens surface

We have been entrusted with many other projects, and we can help you solve your problems by utilizing our extensive experience accumulated through more than 1,000 such projects.