Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) ​

Using DOE lenses, it is possible to control the incident direction, beam expansion angle, focal length and beam shape.
SCIVAX currently offers optical simulation, design as well as pilot and volume production of DOEs.

Special Structured Light for 3D sensor

In accordance with requirements from clients, SCIVAX can design and mass produce various DOE based products.

Example of Light Control with DOEs

Light condenser, beam angle, directional control example

Model 1: Design of DOE for Collimation ​

With our originally developed Large Area Nanoimprint Technology, the cost for processing can be drastically reduced, so it is sp reading to various applications now.
“For large area glass: single-shot fabrication on G5 (1,100mmX1,300mm)” and “For wafer fabrication: high throughput at most φ8 inches” can be done.

It is possible to use DOE to convert an expanding angle light source to collimated light.

Model 2: Example of the DOE design for light condensers

It is possible to fabricate light condensers using DOEs.
Also, compared to conventional lenses, they can be made significantly thinner.

Model 3: Design example of DOE for chromatic aberration correction ​

It is possible to compensate for chromatic aberration using two-layer structures of DOEs