Mold Fabrications & Samples

Nanoimprint Molding Examples

Using SCIVAX’s Nanoimprint technology, various patterns with various size (20nm~a few hundreds of μm) can be transferred onto various substrates. Here, we introduce some molded examples that disclosure is allowed.
Pillar/Hole Pattern, Lens Arrays, Anti-reflection Pattern, Honeycomb/Lattice Pattern, L&S Pattern, Metal Wiring

Standard Mold Sample Sales

When considering moving ahead NIL technology for a given project, the large cost of mask fabrication can become a hurdle too high. SCIVAX low cost custom molds with the objective of enable speedy initial NIL process tests. And also, we have been continuously providing large full-scale pattern molds (4″~12″) which have many inquiries of prospective. Not only standard molded samples (listed below) but also custom molded samples can be processed with our service. Please feel free to inquire for the details.

Molded Sample Sales

We are selling molded samples. We have various Nanoimprint molded examples for sale other than listed ones. Please feel free to inquire for the details.