Nanoimprint Foundry

SCIVAX offers one-stop solution for nano-patterning from basic optical simulation to volume production foundry services.

  • 1.Optical Design and Simulation

    Simulation of NIL patterns for optimizing LED external quantum efficiency

  • 2.Custom Molds

    From 20nm Line and Space patterns up to Lens Arrays with elements up to a few hundred microns, a wide variety of NIL molds can be fabricated.

  • 3.Film Deposition/Evaporation

    Deposition of SiO2, SiN, metal and other films is possible.

  • 4.Nanoimprint

    Large area substrate (G5 Panel: 1,100X1,300mm) NIL is possible.

  • 5.Etching & Cleaning

    Etch profile (taper, depth, etc.) control is possible

  • 6.Inspection

    Inspection of the dimensions, uniformity and fidelity of nanoscale patterns produced with SCIVAX NIL technology

  • 7.Production Foundry Services

    We can manage production foundry operations at our new factory equipped with a leading edge tool set.

  • SCIVAX Strengths

    SCIVAX Strengths


    SCIVAX's deep and varied nanoscale patterning know-how enables dramatically shortened development time from test/prototype to actual product.

    • SCIVAX Strengths
    • SCIVAX Strengths
    • SCIVAX Strengths
    • SCIVAX Strengths
    • SCIVAX Strengths
    • SCIVAX Strengths
  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    SCIVAX Corporation
    Satoru Tanaka President & CEO


    "Make 'Scientific Value' become 'Society Value'" Matching of Innovative Technologies with Society's needs

    SCIVAX has established a complete NIL technology development infrastructure

    Commercialization / Volume Production

    Nanoimprint Technical Publications

    Nanoimprint Technical Publications

    • ■Highly elongated vertical GaN nanorod arrays on Si substrates with an AlN seed layer by pulsed-mode metal-organic vapor deposition
    • ■Current-injected narrow linewidth emissions from organic-crystal
    • ■Photonic crystals on copolymer film for bacteria detection
    • ■Au Double Nanopillars with Nanogap for Plasmonic Sensor
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    • We appreciate everyone's questions and provide easy to understand answers.
    • Q. What is "Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL)" and "Micro or Nano Fabrication" technology?
    • Q. What kind of patterns can be fabricated with NIL technology?
    • Q. What services are provided in SCIVAX's NIL based foundry?
    • Q. What kind of optical simulations can SCIVAX perform?
    • Q. What kind of etching processes can SCIVAX provide?
    • Q. What kind of applications can be supported?
  • What is "Nano-fabrication"?

    Semiconductor devices depend on "nano-fabrication" and are the enabling technology for PCs/tablets, smartphones, automobiles and all modern electronics. Nano-fabrication has made a huge contribution by enabling the miniaturization of electronics, and thus, the proliferation of electronic devices in everyday life. Nano-fabrication technology also allows us to optimize light emitter brightness, minimize display/lens reflections as well as collimate, polarize or otherwise manipulate light to improve optical device performance.
    "In addition, nano-patterned surfaces are being employed as water repellant surfaces (lotus effect) and for products for biological research (e.g. nano cell culture plates) and growing number of applications in wide ranging fields and industries. "

  • What is "Nanoimprint"?

    Nanoimprint is a technology that utilizes micro or nanoscale mold patterns to be transferred onto substrates made from various materials (glass, resin, silicon, compound semiconductors, etc.)
    It is possible to produce micro and nano patterns impossible to produce with injection molding or mechanical machining.
    Comparted to patterning via photolithography, due to the simplicity of the Nanoimprint process, it is often significantly lower cost solution.
    Cost advantages NIL processes lithographic processes can greatly enhance the competitiveness of electronic and optical devices fabricated.

  • Features of SCIVAX Nanoimprint Technology

    SCIVAX's technology features not only NIL patterning of all kinds of substrates (including large glass panels, convex/concave surfaces and other challenging substrates), but also sophisticated optical simulation, etching, inspection and other fabrication services.
    In order to bring innovative designs to actual use and volume production, related processing (e.g. film deposition and etching, etc.) are also extremely important factors. SCIVAX has built a platform for unique nano-patterning integrated solutions capability which enables cost-effective production of real devices by leveraging its full capability and knowhow.