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Supporting Mass Production
Using Nanoimprint Technology
A Total Solution Company

We are SCIVAX, a company specializing in nanoimprinting technology since 2004.
Ever since our founding, we have brought together not only nanoimprint technology specialists, but also engineers from a variety of technical backgrounds.
Our team has accumulated a wealth of experience through more than 1,000 contracted projects.

Drawing on the rich experiences of engineers from various backgrounds, SCIVAX offers Total Solution services that include not only the sales of nanoimprint equipment, but also the microfabrication molding technology for achieving large-area, curved and high-precision molding, as well as optical simulation to mold production, etching and inspection.

Please contact SCIVAX to discuss your situation if you are experiencing difficulties with the implementation of nanoimprint technology, in practical application or mass production usage. We hope that our know-how and experiences will be of use to you.

Nanoimprint Technology

Introducing the Features of SCIVAX’s Nanoimprint Technology

Experts in
Extensive Experience
with Over 1000
Equipment for
Manufacturing a
Wide Array of Devices
A One-Stop Solution for
the Materialization of
Mass Production and
Processing Systems

Nanoimprint Technology is
Opening New Doors into the Future

Nanoimprint technology is attracting attention as a miniaturization technology
for the next generation. Its practical application has just begun.

Solving Problems
with Nanoimprinting

Nanoimprint technology achieves micro fabrication at much lower costs. It is expected to overcome a variety of challenges that conventional technology cannot.

Current status of Nanoimprint Technology

Even with practical applications, nanoimprint is still a technology with a short history.
However, projects produced by SCIVAX alone have been contracted by clients from various fields. 

Nanoimprint Technology is
Opening New Doors for the Future

Nanoimprinting is gaining recognition as a next-generation microfabrication technology. It’s practical application has just begun.

Our Services

SCIVAX provides services and support for all processes, from optical simulation to
mold production, etching and inspection,
for practical application and mass production of nanoimprinting technologies.

Please Contact SCIVAX
to Solve Your Nanoimprint Issues

Need to make
a large-area mold

Can’t make mold

suitable for imprinting?

How to mass-produce

with imprinting

How to imprint on non-flat surface

Experiences of failure to achieve the expected outcomes with other tools 

Failure in imprinting process

How to achieve low cost microfabrication