【Information】Simulation Example | SERS (Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering)

The Kimono is the traditional Japanese garment, and Japanese people feels beauty in its design simplicity, symmetrical, and repeating patterns. Most of the advanced photonic pattern designs are also looks beautiful and similar to Kimono design although we normally don’t care so much. SCIVAX developed and manufactured various optical elements to realize the various applications with nanoimprinting technology.


What device applications the following patterns are used for?

The similarity of the shape of Japanese kimono design and advanced optical device.


The following structures are used for the following purposes, respectively. ① Color filter ② Polarizing plate and Retardation plate ③ Diffusing plate ④ Cell culture plate ⑤ Surface reflection suppression and Surface tension control ⑥ Solar cell Efficiency improvement ⑦ Structural color and Floating image ⑧ Floating image

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