We made a breakthrough in the field of diffractive optics adopted for ADAS, DMS applications.

We launched on the market two families of diffusers: Platanus®, (light-shaping) and Ardisia® (dot projector).

They have already been adopted with large success by American/Asian companies.


Platanus® and Ardisia® have no equivalent currently on the market.

Combined with VCSEL emitters, they provide a wide field of illumination (FOI 140 deg), and enable to illuminate the scene with high uniformity and controllability.

Ardisia® especially, projects IR light on long distances with a very low power consumption (i.e. 10meter for 2W).

With only a 15mW optical power VCSEL single emitter, Ardisia® can illuminate a scene over 1m.


SCIVAX will participate for the first time to Electronica in November 2022 in München and provide laser demonstration at our booth.



<< electronica 2022 >>

■Date : November 15–18, 2022

■Venue : Messe München, Germany

■BOOTH 321, Hall B3





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