Production Foundry Service Benefits

Example of Volume Production by SCIVAX

Bio Related(Microfluidic, Micro TAS, Cell Culture Plates)


Microfluidic devices utilizes the micro patterning technology evolved in the MEMS industry to deliver tiny flow channels and wells/reaction chambers for advanced bio-related R&D and engineering.

Substrate MaterialsFused Silica, Glass or Resin
Pattern Sizea few μm ~a few hundreds of μm
Molding MethodUV NIL or Thermal NIL
Cell Cultures

Conventional cell cultures are single layer processes that are very different that the natural situation encountered by cell in vivo. SCIVAX Life Sciences has developed a 3D cell culture system that allows cultures to develop much more similarly to the in vivo case. These special cell culture plates are fabricated with uniform nano-patterns imprinted into resin films.

Substrate MaterialsResin
Pattern Sizea few hundreds of nm ~ a few μm
Patterning MethodThermal NIL

LED Related(μPSS、nPSS)

PSS (patterned sapphire substrate)

External Quantum Efficiency and brightness of LED devices can be improved by forming nano-patterns on the sapphire substrates.

Substrate MaterialsSapphire
Pattern SizeA few hundreds of nm ~
Patterning MethodUV NIL

Optical Device Related(Wavelength sensor, encoders, DOEs, lens array, optical filters )

Ultra-Compact Wavelength Sensor

By forming a surface plasmonic nano-patterns on top of a CMOS image sensor device, accurate wavelength measurement over a wide spectral range is possible.

Substrate MaterialsSilicon
Pattern SizeA few hundred nm
Patterning MethodUV NIL

Display Related(Anti-reflection, touch panel, polarizer plates, 3D imaging, other)

Aerial Imaging Element

By using nano-patterning technology to form mirror structures on transparent substrates, images can be made to appear to be projected as standing aerial images.

Substrate MaterialsResin
Pattern SizeA few hundreds of μm
Patterning MethodThermal NIL

Imprint Processes for All Types of Wafer

The NIL wafer processing flow is as follows:


Overall Production Flow

Overall production flow is as follows:


Specification Review & Production Planning
By utilizing all resources and related technologies, SCIVAX can optimize processes and meet customers’ production requirements.


​Production Planning / Prototype Fabrication
Process Review, Materials Acquisition, Mold Fabrication, Imprinting Process (prototype fabrication)

Preproduction Preparation
Preproduction Process Review and Pilot Production can be performed

Full Volume Production
Commence production shipments


Production Improvement
Periodic Review Meetings