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Nanoimprint Equipment ●Excellent mold reproducibility is implemented for a volume production
●A collective Nanoimprint technology is available for various size (from a small area to a large area)
●Both methods (Thermal and UV) are available
●Multifunctional (“Auto mold release mechanism”, “Vacuum treatments”, “Atmosphere control”, “High temperature imprint”, etc.)
●Operability (Very simple and human friendly functional design)
●Clean room correspondence (Seal of actuator)

Type of Nanoimprint Equipment

UV式ナノインプリント装置 X100-U

This model is most suitable for initial introduction, and it is a cheap edition UV-type Nanoimprint Equipment.
A high efficiency LED UV light source, large work size, and vacuum mechanism are included.

Type: UV Nanoimprint Equipment
UV light output: 30mW/cm2
Maximum load: 4,000N
Vacuum treatments pressure: 300Pa, Note: The vacuum pump is optional.
Maximum work size: □100mm
UV irradiation position: Upper side
External dimensions & weight: W400xH880xD400(mm) & 120kg

Equipment for Volume Production Services

With SCIVAX’s leading‐edge equipment, we can offer various Volume Production Service which is optimum for your needs.

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