Molded Sample Sales

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For your initial examination of Nanoimprint technology, we are selling molded samples.

Nanoimprint Molding Examples

Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS)

Please inquire for the details.

■Pattern Size: Submicron~a few μm
■Substrate Size: φ2″, φ4″, φ6″

Resin Film

  • Pillar Pattern
  • Hole Pattern
  • L&S Four Types Mixed Pattern
  • Honeycomb Pattern 1
  • Honeycomb Pattern 2
  • Square Pattern


Glass Substrate

We can provide a processed sample onto glass substrate.

  • ■Material: Non‐alkali Glass
  • ■Size: 50mm x 50mm x 0.7mm
  • ■Pattern: Moth-Eye
  • ■Material: UV Cure Resin or Inorganic Substrates
  • ■Other conditions: We can accept an order in two pieces or more.

List of Nanoimprint Molding Examples

  • ■Material: Optical Film (Thickness: 100μm~188μm)
  • ■Other conditions: We can accept an order in two pieces or more.
Product Code Pattern Type Stamp Dimension Effective Area Product Size
FALS1000/1000-30×30 L&S Width:1μm,Height:1μm,Pitch:2μm □30mm
FALS5000/1000-30×30 L&S Width:5μm,Height:1μm,Pitch:10μm □30mm
FCLS/200-4×4 L&S Width:75nm,100nm,150nm,200nm,Height:200nm,Pitch:150nm,200 nm,300nm,400nm □4mm x 4 □20mm
FTLS1000/1000-50×50 L&S Width:1μm,Height:1μm,Pitch:2μm □50mm □50mm
FTLS1000/1000-100×100 L&S Width:1μm,Height:1μm,Pitch:2μm □100mm □100mm
FTLS1000/2000-50×50 L&S Width:1μm,Height:2μm,Pitch:2μm □50mm □50mm
FTLS1000/2000-100×100 L&S Width:1μm,Height:2μm,Pitch:2μm □100mm □100mm
FAH250/500-30×30 Hole φ250nm,Depth:500nm,Pitch:500nm,Hexagonal □30mm
FLH230/500-120 Hole φ230nm,Depth:500nm,Pitch:460nm,Hexagonal φ120mm φ120mm
FLH230/200-120 Hole φ230nm,Depth:200nm,Pitch:460nm,Hexagonal φ120mm φ120mm
FTH500/500-50×50 Hole φ500nm,Depth:500nm,Pitch:1000nm,Hexagonal □50mm □50mm
FTH500/500-100×100 Hole φ500nm,Depth:500nm,Pitch:1000nm,Hexagonal □100mm □100mm
FAP250/500-30×30 Piller φ250nm,Depth:500nm,Pitch:500nm,Hexagonal □30mm
FLP230/200-120 Piller φ230nm,Depth:200nm,Pitch:460nm,Hexagonal φ120mm φ120mm
FRA50/25-10×10 Lens Arrays φ50μm,Height:25μm,Pitch:100μm (Hemisphere) □10mm □10mm
FMES250/300-100×100 Moth-Eye Moth-Eye One Side Molding □100mm □100mm
FMHT-120×80 Honeycomb One side:1.7μm,Honeycomb (Concave) 120mm×80mm 120mm×80mm
FNHT-120×80 Honeycomb One side:1.0μm,Honeycomb (Concave) 120mm×80mm 120mm×80mm
FNHO-80×80 Honeycomb One side:1.0μm,Honeycomb (Convex) □80mm □80mm
FMST-120×80 Square One side:3.0μm,lattice(Concave) 120mm×80mm 120mm×80mm
FHAO-100?100 Honeycomb Width:85nm,Pitch:726nm,Honeycomb (Convex) □100mm □100mm
FHBO-100?100 Honeycomb Width:230nm,Pitch:1400nm,Honeycomb (Convex) □100mm □100mm
FHCO-100?100 Honeycomb Width:310nm,Pitch:2640nm,Honeycomb (Convex) □100mm □100mm

We have various Nanoimprint molded examples for sale other than listed above. Please feel free to inquire for the details.