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Corporate Message

It is SCIVAX’s mission to convert “Value from Science” into “Value for Society” and realize benefits for human beings in their daily lives.
Around the globe, vast sums are invested in R&D and this effort yields many wonderful discoveries and inventions. However, of these, precious few are ever commercialized in order to benefit society.
To the extent that a new technology is “revolutionary”, its adoption with existing paradigms can be challenging.
SCIVAX pays its attention on this problem of delivering true innovation with existing frameworks. By fusing technologies from various fields, SCIVAX has been creating a platform for efficiently bringing revolutionary technologies into actual use.


Building on the successful adoption of SCIVAX’s originally developed three dimensional cell culture plates (used in drug development/discovery, etc.), we anticipate greatly expanded use of NIL technology for medical, molecular biology, cell engineering and pharmaceutical development applications.

Analysis(Market and Technology)


(Joining of different fields and External cooperation)



Our Mission


SCIVAX utilizes the skill of all its talented team members, but always strives to extend this spirit of “teamwork” to include external team members’ (from partners and customers) valuable opinions and contributions.

Our Challenge

Execute on our new platform for innovation concept


We are constantly reviewing our operating assumptions and plans and welcome open discussion of these.

Technical “Seeds” sprout to meet “Needs”
The World’s companies and research centers are working toward new innovation every day.
SCIVAX has established a unique team of technologists from varied fields to grow the seeds of know-how into valuable technologies that can be harvested as value-added products that meet markets’ requirements.
Technical Development
Whenever something new is attempted, inevitably some difficult is encountered. We seek for what is required in the world, and we think about what we would do to realize it seriously. With this process, we will offer “Value for Society”.
SCIVAX Strengths
We push forward development with speed. We establish an organization suitable for development and review it appropriately. In addition, we gather the experts of each field and facilitate different field technology fusion.