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Design example of DOE


  SCIVAX started design service of DOE(Diffractive Optical Elements) in addition to the current optical simulation service.
DOE is very promising optical device. You can project the image theoretically in any distance from the light source as far as the light can reach, even on curved surface. The laser beam is a most suitable light source for DOE.
  This time we introduce ‘Face Authentication’ and ‘Color Signage’ as DOE examples.
In addition to designing, we can cover the contract manufacturing of your custom DOE.   

SEM image of DOE pattern(2 step)

Example 1 Dot Patterns for Face Authentication

 Face Authentication is one of the popular applications for DOE. It’s commonly used as the security access control purpose which detects a stereoscopic image of a human face from the positional relation of dots corresponding to irregularities by irradiating a dot pattern on the facial surface.
– In the Design process, the information of λ, planned image, and placement is converted to ②the Diffraction angle and Intensity distribution to calculate ③ the Phase Patterns.
– In the Verification process, referring to the manufacturing process variation, ①the Expected patterns are verified by transformation process. We are capable of designing highly accurate DOE Phase Patterns.

Example 2 Color Signage Patterns

The Signage is recognized as potential application for DOE. Traditional DOE could support only monochrome color, therefore the use case has been limited. It can project the images on any flat, curved, or even wet surface.
The advanced design technique of SCIVAX enables the special DOE designs to realize Color Signage. Thus we expect the expansion of application.

Comparison Between Target Patterns and Expected Patterns by Simulation

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