Dai Nippon Printing and SCIVAX Enter into Capital and Operational Alliance in Foundry Business for Mass-production of Nanoimprinted Products
-New joint venture will conduct production control -

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

SCIVAX Co., Ltd.

April 3, 2023


Tokyo, April 3, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and SCIVAX Co., Ltd. have entered into a capital and operational alliance regarding a foundry business designed to mass-produce nanoimprinted products. Nanoimprint Solutions Co., Ltd., (Nanosol), a joint venture of production control was established.

DNP will become a shareholder of SCIVAX following a stock transfer of part of SCIVAX’s shares. Our two companies will combine such strengths as the mass production know-how of DNP with the mass production facilities of SCIVAX to meet the demand of domestic and overseas manufacturers for the mass production of nanoimprinted products.


In recent years, ultra-fine patterning process for mass production which can deal with nanometer scale feature (1 nanometer = 1/1,000,000 millimeter) is broadly discussed and studied at various industries in worldwide. Nanoimprinting technology is expected to be adopted in a wide range of fields.

These include 3D sensor devices that support facial recognition in smartphones and payment terminals, Extended Reality (XR) equipment such as smart glasses that fuse real and virtual spaces to create new user experience, along with next-generation DNA sequencer bio-device chips used for drug discovery and medical diagnosis.

In response to future market expansion, our two companies have entered into an operational alliance to ensure the stable supply of mass-produced nanoimprinted products.

Capital and Operational Alliance

Our companies have worked on the development of nanoimprint-related technologies over an extended period of time and have both successfully developed proprietary strengths. In this alliance, we will combine DNP strengths in cutting-edge nanoimprint master mold manufacturing technology, mass production and quality control know-how, with SCIVAX strengths in mass-production tools capable of high-precision nanoimprinting, equipment design capability, and process know-how to further integrate the value chains of both companies.

As a result, we will establish a trustable supply chain in Japan that can timely respond to the contract manufacturing needs from major manufacturers in worldwide. and will also lead to mitigate global supply chain risks.

Our two companies will choose the suitable manufacturing plant to manufacture products between DNP and SCIVAX, under production control conducted by Nanosol.


According to Satoru Tanaka, President of SCIVAX corporation, “We are excited to announce this business alliance with DNP. We believe we can maximize the synergy effect when two companies closely work together beyond boundaries so that we can meet the stringent product performance requirement from the industry leaders who want to commercialize the cutting-edge devices in timely manner.”

Summary of JV formation

Company name

Nanoimprint Solutions Co., Ltd.


1-1-1 Ichigaya Kaga-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


10 million yen

Business contents

Mass production management of nanoimprint contract manufacturing

Ownership stake


Future business prospects

Through the newly established JV, “Nanosol”, our two companies will respond to the needs for mass production of nanoimprinted products for various applications. These include, 3D sensors for smartphones and XR, mobile-related devices such as displays, and bio-related devices such as next-generation DNA sequencers that rapidly read DNA bases information. In combination, our two companies aim for annual sales of approximately 10 billion yen by 2026.

  • Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Location: Tokyo

Company President: Yoshinari Kitajima

  • SCIVAX Co., Ltd.

 Location: Kanagawa

President:  Satoru Tanaka


  • All the information referred to in this news release are current as of the date of the announcement. They may be changed without notice in future.

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