Anti-Reflection Nano-Pattering of Optical Lens Surfaces ​

SCIVAX has developed technology that enables to nano-patterning of curved (concave or convex) lens surfaces using NIL.
Anti-reflective patterns can formed on the lens with diameters ranging from 20 to 100mm.

Nano-patterning to reduce reflection ​

  • At an incident angle of 45 degrees, <0.1% reflectivity achieved
  • Both concave and convex surfaces can be patterned
  • Inorganic materials can be used for pattern molding

0.1% reflectivity achieved in the visible wavelength region

Molding Example​

SCIVAX lens processing services

<Optical Simulation Service>
SCIVAX offers sophisticated optical simulation based on electromagnetic field analysis

<Nanoimprint Based Foundry Service>
・We can pattern customer specified lens surfaces with anti-reflective patterns
・Production Foundry Service

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