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SCIVAX Nanoimprint Development Platform

SCIVAX offers a one-stop solution for nano-patterning from basic optical simulation to volume production foundry services.

It is not possible manufacture devices with NIL technology alone. SCIVAX has built a unique nano-foundry platform integrating the unique NIL technology plus other necessary fab technologies.

  • Optical Design and Simulation

    In many cases, commercially available optical simulation software does not meet customer’s needs. SCIVAX’s optical simulation experts have developed sophisticated techniques using conventional simulation tools in combination with independently developed special tools to allow us to deliver custom simulation solutions.

    ○Service Introduction ○Simulation Flow ○Examples

  • Custom Mold

    SCIVAX can fabricate custom master molds according to customers’ unique requirements. Small mold for R&D to large molds for large area production applications can all be supplied based on individual requirements.

    ○Low Cost Custom Molds  ○Mixed Pattern Mold
    ○Large Area Molds  ○Mold List

  • Film Deposition/Evaporation

    Deposition of SiO2, SiN, Metal films, etc.

  • Nanoimprint

    SCIVAX can, of course, process silicon wafers, but also wide variety of other substrates including compound semiconductor wafers and large area glass substrates can also be imprinted in our foundry with SCIVAX’s unique single-shot NIL technology.
    ・Glass Substrates (Maximum 1,100mmX1,300mm)
    ・Glass Lenses
    ・Metal Substrates
    ・All types of films/sheets and other substrates

  • Etching & Cleaning

    Taper angle can be controled.

  • Inspection & Measurement

    High precision inspection and measurement can be performed with SCIVAX sophisticated metrology tool set.
    Inspection/measurement for surface condition, CD, pattern defects, particles/contamination. We also offer macro inspection systems for sale.

    ○Inspection Examples ○Inspection System ○Macro Inspection Photo

  • Nanoimprint Production Foundry Services

    In order to conduct volume manufacturing for devices with nanostructures, a high level specification of environmental cleanliness and strict management of the same is a requirement. SCIVAX has established a manufacturing facility in Toyama Prefecture that features a state-of-the-art cleanroom.

    ○Volume Manufacturing